Email accounts

Sarumbear offers two types

Exchange Email by Microsoft Office365

We always suggest our customers to opt for the Exchange type. Even though it is an extra cost the benefits fully justifies the cost.

Exchange is more than an email system. It also manages your calendar, address book, notes and to-do lists (reminders).

Everything is synced automatically among all your computers and mobile devices. No need to enter everything again and again on each device. Enter once and it appears everywhere by magic…

For organisations with more than a few email accounts we urge you to chose Exchange.

IMAP Email by Sarumbear

IMAP and POP3 differs on how emails are downloaded and where the emails are stored.

  • All emails are stored on the server.
  • Messages can be synced and accessed across multiple devices.
POP3 access

You can also access your IMAP account using POP3. Please note that unless “Keep email on server” setting is enabled on the email client you are using to access emails, all messages are deleted as soon as they are downloaded. This makes accessing your email from multiple devices impossible.