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I wouldn’t want to be in business without them

Having Sarumbear on board to do my website & social media has been instrumental to the success of my business. Their ongoing support allows me to concentrate on the business while I can be confident the website is being looked after.

Annette Morrell

Propriator, Peach Sales Progressors

Job well done

T2RL is a leading research company applying information technology to all aspects of the airline industry, across all geographical and business sectors. Sarumbear gave us the perfect website, which describes us to our customers exceedingly well.

Robin Wallace


As ever really grateful for the excellent service you provide

Once again another issue put to bed!

Thanks for supporting us right up to the wire, on a very short deadline.

Karl Plaskett

Co-founder and Marketing Manager, Valley News

You have done me very very proud

I feel people will take me more seriously now and that feeling means I am taking myself more seriously now. You have done far far more than build me a top class website.

Martin Kingston

Massage Therapist, London Massage Therapy

SEO Checklist for Your Website

I wrote about the SEO service supplied by the SEO companies a few years ago. Although the basics of SEO have not changed the job has now evolved from a singularly-focused practice of boosting ranking. It now involves branding, keyword research, content creation and...

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Social Media And Its Importance To Small Business

Maximising Brand Reach Social media is an essential marketing tool for many small businesses. It’s important to know which are the most popular social media platforms and how they relate to the demographic of your business and its customers. It isn’t only...

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What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic design, an image that symbolizes an organization, a company. It is used for letterhead, advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the company can easily be recognized. Whereas a Logotype is a graphic representation or symbol of a...

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exactly what do SEO firms do?

We are asked this often and our short answer is “They help companies get business from Google.” Often there is a follow up question “How do they do that?”

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