What’s in a name?


We are amazed that many established companies continue using free email accounts supplied by their Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as ‘yourname123@btinternet.com’ or a free email account from MSN or Yahoo.

why trust your essential communication to a free account that is by default unsupported?

Should you decide to change your ISP, or worse… they cease to exist, you lose that vital method of communication with your customers. Not only that, but once you have found a new service provider, you are left with the inconvenience and expense of reprinting stationery, vehicle graphics, changing your website and informing everyone in your address book of the changes.

Sarumbear is here to help and can inexpensively provide and host your own domain name for your website and email.  Not only does it look far more professional on your business card and office stationery but it makes good business sense too, as continuity is important to your customers. Should you experience any problems with your account, a dedicated team of problem solvers will be moving heaven and earth to make sure you are up and running again with the minimum of disruption. You can also change your ISP as often as you like and none of your customers will so much as blink an eye.

First impressions count and your website and email address say more about you and your business than you may think.