Vicky Edge – Personal Trainer

Vicky is a busy young mum with little time to spare and commissioned us to design and host a new website for her business as a personal trainer. Other than coaching individuals as a private trainer, Vicky also gives nutritional advice and conducts group exercise classes at various venues in her local area, often with more than one class or venue each day. Vicky was looking a simple, fresh website giving her customers swift access to information about where and when they could join her classes.

Fitness trends change and Vicky likes to vary her classes in order to maintain interest for her clients, so it was important that her new website reflected the flexibility of her own schedule. Sarumbear recommended a CMS website that Vicky could maintain and update easily herself. Vicky provided us with a simple but very eye catching logo that she was already using for her business, so we incorporated the logo and colours into the website design and set out a crisp simple interface that feels youthful and energetic.

Now Vicky is now able to add new classes and venues without costly site rebuilds and says it is the perfect way for her to blog about new fitness trends, classes, nutritional information and to inspire her followers to maintain their fitness regimes. The social media integration means that her followers are kept instantly up to date with all the latest special offers and news.