Sosban Fach

Very soon you too will be able to experience “the real taste of Wales” in a restaurant opening in the heart of old Cardiff Bay, reviving time-honoured recipes and bringing traditional Welsh food within the reach of everyone. Sarumbear was commissioned for the logo and website design and hosting for this exciting new venture. The owners wanted to convey the traditional look of yesteryear with a homely and welcoming feel, reminiscent of when Wales was free from contemporary fusion dishes. We opted for a casual memento-strewn look with sepia tones to compliment their vision for the restaurant.

The logo is representative of the traditional “Sosban Fach” or Little Saucepan, which was originally made of cast iron and placed directly over the fire. It’s design was intended not only for menus and signage but also for use on beer mats and drinks coasters throughout the establishment to further reinforce the strong branding.