Collaborative design


You may worry that updating your website or building a new one from scratch means you will have to enter the dark and mysterious world of the Internet. If learning new languages consisting of glottal clicks, fending off Trojans, viruses and phishing attacks whilst employing Jedi mind tricks to drive visitors to your website is how you see the process, the reality is in fact so much simpler.

Here at Sarumbear web design services, we do everything we can to design you a great website that suits your needs without the hassle. We take care of all the backstage stuff so that you remain the only star of the show. Of course, we may be a dab-hand with a light-sabre, but we still need a little help and input from you during the design process. Even Jedi Masters rely on the Force.

Consider your website to be your virtual shop window, just as on the high street. To appeal to customers it is important for the look and feel of your website to reflect the personality and ethos of your business. As part of the design process, we like to get to know you… how your business works, who your customers are and how we can best serve both them and you. A unique selling point that sets you apart from the competition or even your eco-credentials could turn a ‘window shopper’ into a loyal customer.

By getting to know you and your business we will agree with you the number of pages for your website and how they piece together. Imagine how a shop would be divided into various departments to display different products and the physical layout to allow customers easy access between each of the departments.

Content for the site is important, so we will ask you to provide the majority of text to be used on the website. You have probably heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and perhaps had many offers from companies offering to put you at the top of Search Engine result lists. It’s not quite that simple, but nor is it rocket science. Search Engine robots are very clever these days and search the text within your pages to make sure the page content is in context with the headings and titles, so well written content is now more important than ever.

Research has proven that website visitors tend not to read large amounts of written text, so text should be as succinct and to the point. The way text is written and presented can make a big difference, so we are available to help when copywriting.

Pictures can say a thousand words, so where possible we use photographs or video content that is eye catching and relevant. If you are unable to provide good photographs, or a professional photographer is outside your budget, stock images from libraries could be suitable, or we may be able to help by taking photos for you or retouching ones you have. We don’t profess to be able to take photos as well as a professional photographer, but we have an eye for a decent image and how to use it in our designs.

Achieving the website you deserve is not a difficult process. We just ask you to provide some pictures and tell us what you would tell any of your customers about your business. Then sit back and let our experience do the talking. You remain involved throughout the process. No mysterious dark arts or Jedi mind tricks are needed…