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When your business change, you should be able to reflect this on your website. Sometimes, small but important changes are not cost effective to make, leaving your business and your customers out of date and out of touch. Changing to a website built around a Content Management System (CMS) means you don’t have to worry about update costs. CMS sites are designed once, but can be updated at anytime by anyone with an Internet connection. When services and products you offer are no longer available or you have a new service that needs to be marketed, you can easily update the page yourself!

a theme made especially for you

We work with you on the design and overall look of your website. It is your ‘shop window to the world’ so it is important to portray your personality. Once the design is finalised, we enter the initial content and set the site up so you are up and running. You can later edit the content any time, using a simple word-processor like interface. Have a different theme, perhaps to suit the seasons, with a cosy red theme for Christmas, bright colours for the spring and mellow tones for autumn. Make your website as individual as you are and encourage your customers to feel at home.

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